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Password Protection of Personal Information

You, the former missionaries, have supported this web site by providing a lot of personal information about you and your families.  That information makes this web site meaningful to all of us who shared an important part of our lives together.  This technology enables us to stay in touch in ways that enrich our lives.  Unfortunately, technology is also being used by those with less noble morals to exploit this personal information in ways that could be detrimental.   Therefore, we will protect that information so that we can feel safe to sharing it freely.

Therefore, you must now provide a USER ID and PASSWORD to access the personal information.  While the user ID and password may not provide a strong deterrent from a determined person, it will at least protect us from the programs that regularly scan web sites and the casual visitors.

The image to the right is the key to user ID and password.   Click here for an additional hint.

The USER ID is the generic name of the bird depicted in the unofficial symbol of Portugal.  Use only lower case characters.

The PASSWORD is the name of the city that made this symbol famous.  Use only lower case characters.

If you have any concerns about this policy, click on the email address at the bottom of this page and send me your comments.